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I'm going back to school to learn how to computer code!

I'm very excited about this opportunity in my life. I will be paying for school from all my hard work and art. I must raise 13k to pay for it.
I will never stop making jewelry and other art but I also want a steady income as well. 

It's funny to me that this is a path I would want to take, I barely knew how to turn on a computer yet use it. 
When I moved to the PNW six years ago my partner and I didn't even have the internet. We just used our phones wifi for everything. 

It was when quarantine hit and we were no longer able to do in person markets, which I heavily relied on for income, that I had to get hip to selling virtually. I also want to keep my market I produce alive. 
I was motivated to learn and had the time to do it. 
During quarantine I taught myself website design and graphic design. I thought I was going to hate learning this new thing and hate doing this new thing I had to learn to adapt, but I was wrong I'm! I ended up loving it all.
I taught myself how to very basically build a website in a day and the graphic design route is a never-ending road of learning. (I love that about graphic design) I did have to sift through 100s of hours of YouTube videos and  there was a pretty big learning curve, but once it click I pretty much got it. 
So I decided the next step would be to learn how to code. Why not, I can bouje up my website and the Market of The Beast website while I'm at too. 
If you would like to donate to help me pay for school that would be amazing! 





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